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nqc_daycare's Journal

Not Quite Celebrity's DayCare Center
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This is the section of the community that ables the parents of NQC to drop their kids off and go out, AND also offers a place to show off the children in our community along with giving them babysitting jobs or whatever
you can do one of two things in this part of the community
1.) Drop your kid off to out virtual nanny, aka Lou Pearlman plastic_oreo or Mrs. Doubtfire mrs_doubtfire and he will watch them till you pick them up, just make a post saying when you droped them off and how long you will be. etc. you do not have to make a post of when you pick them up. (don't worry kids, he wont try to steal or hurt your children in anyway)
2.) You can also post here to ask other people to babysit your children and someone will reply saying they can and so forth, it gives the kids some jobs along with the adults
*We made this community since we have a whole lota kids and this is just eaiser cause when we have parties or something all you have to do is drop them off here and you may do what you like. And also it gives the kids in our group I.E-- the carters,olsens,no secret girls, jamie-lynn,taylor,hilary, something to do and watch kids and stuff

* it is required that ALL characters under the age of 18 to join (not ooc but ic) and also Parents to any child (adopted or not) must join also, Everyone else is welcomed too and can post anytime if they would like to babysit or wants kids etc, etc.

Please visit and Add these other branches of our community to your site.

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For more help or questions,concerns; please contact Lance at
The following mods for this community are:
Lance Bass l_basstronaut
Mrs. Doubtfire mrs_doubtfire
you may also contact them you have any questions.