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another branch on our growing community

ok so here is the section where you can drop your kids off or ask for babysitting jobs, etc
anything that deals with kids can be displayed here
pictures,convos,questions,all that jazz

Mrs. Doubtfire mrs_doubtfire is the head Nanny, Post in here for your baby,parent, children issues and babysitting hours do NOT post about baby stuff in your personal journal (same goes for Lou)

Lou Pearlman plastic_oreo is also a "Nanny" don't worry he wont molest your kids. I have my eye on him

But if you don't want lou to be your nanny when you go simply post saying you need a sitter and someone from the community may reply back and babysit.

for more rules and info, please refer to the userinfo page of this community

*it is required that all parents and people under 18 to join this community, everyone else has a choice, but it would be nice if you did*
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